Saturday, 13 July 2013

Outlook for Exploration - Minex Consulting

HT to IKN 

A very comprehensive survey of trends in mineral exploration and discovery from Minex Consulting who also make available a large number of additional reports and some interesting sources / links

Emphasises the enormous increases in expenditures but limited paybacks in discovery and, again in the mining industry, cost increases at the exploration stage.......MORE

As John Kaiser has pointed out much of the efforts of the recent gold cycle have gone into re-evaluating the economics of marginal gold deposits as prices pushed them into profitability, only to find costs have risen aggressively making some of those deposits marginal once more. Genuine discovery of low cost quality deposits in an industry struggling with depletion and costs could still provide great rewards. As the Minex report, Kaiser and Rule have suggested techniques and tools to make discoveries under deeper cover may be key.

The Minex report shows Lead and Zinc with shortfalls of discoveries vs mining rates, with Gold "Tight". Perhaps some of the silver miners with large zinc/lead by-products may see additional interest.

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