Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mines & Money Hong Kong 2013

While this conference was in March it looks to have been one of the bigger events linking Asian finance with primarily Australian miners but also plenty of Canadian and others, over 300 exhibitors.

Post-show document

ABM Resources 
ADeN services 
African energy Resources 
AIDD – Australasian Independant Diamond 
Alara Resources 
Alderon Iron ore 
Alliance Mining Commodities 
Altan Nevada Minerals 
Altan Rio 
Ambre energy 
AMC Consultants 
AMe Group 
Ampella Mining 
Anova Metals 
Apollo Minerals 
AQM Copper 
Archipelago Resources 
Argentex Mining Corporation 
Armour energy 
Aspire Mining 
Atlantic Gold NL 
Atrum Coal NL 
Attila Resources 
Auminco Mines 
AusAmerican Mining 
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group 
Limited (ANZ) 
Australian Laboratory services 
Australian Pacific Coal 
Australian securities exchange (AsX) 
Azarga Resources 
Azumah Resources 
Azure Minerals 
B2Gold Corp. 
Bannerman Resources 
Baobab Resources 
Base Resources 
Bassari Resources 
Bathurst Resources 
BC Iron 
Beadell Resources 
Behre Dolbear 
Big North Graphite 
Black Fire Minerals 
Black Mountain Resources 
Black Range Minerals 
Blackgold International holdings 
Blackham Resources 
Blackstone Mining Associates (BMA) 
Board of Investment Mauritius 
Bullabulling Gold 
Bulletin Resources 
Bushveld Minerals 
Cadan Resources Corporation 
Caledonia Mining Corporation 
Canaccord Genuity 
Cannings Purple 
Cap-ex Ventures 
Carpentaria exploration 
Cauldron energy 
Cazaly Resources 
Celsius Coal 
Centar technical services 
Centaurus Metals 
Centerra Gold 
Central Asia Metals 
Centrex Metals 
Cerro De Pasco Resources sA 
Challenger Deep Resources 
Chesser Resources 
Chinalco Yunnan Copper 
Clifford Chance 
CMR Coal Queensland 
Coffey Mining
Commerce Resources Corp 
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) 
Continental Coal 
Crest Minerals 
Crusader Resources 
CsA Global 
Cube Consulting 
DGR Global 
Discovery Metals 
Dragon Mining Consulting 
Dt hiLoad Australia 
east Asia Minerals 
ecuador Gold and Copper 
eMeD Mining 
emerging Asia Capital (eAC) 
emmerson Resources 
empire securities 
encounter Resources 
endeavour silver 
energold Drilling Corp 
eNs Law 
enterprise Metals 
enterprise uranium 
eQs Group 
equatorial Resources 
equitas Resources 
evolution Mining 
exeter Resource 
First Majestic silver 
Fission energy Corp 
Flinders Mines 
Forbes west Management 
Forsys Metals 
Fox Davies Capital 
Fox Marble 
Freegold Ventures 
Fugro and CGG 
Gemcom (Dassault systèmes) 
General Nice Group 
Gespeg Copper Resources 
Global Gem 
Global strategic Metals 
Globe Metals & Mining 
Gold Reach Resources 
Gold Road Resources 
Goldminex Resources 
Government of western Australia 
Department of Mines and Petroleum 
Gryphon Minerals 
GXD supply 
haranga Resources 
highlands Pacific 
hot Chili 
hunter Dickinson 
Image Resources 
Impact Minerals 
Independence Group 
Indochine Mining 
International Goldfields 
Intex Resources 
Intierra Resource Intelligence 
Iron ore holdings 
Iron Road 
Ironbark Zinc 
IronClad Mining 
Ivanhoe Australia 
J Resources 
Jameson Resources
Kaboko Mining 
Kalimantan Gold 
Kasbah Resources 
Kimberly Diamond Company 
Kincora Copper 
Kogi Iron 
Kryso Resources 
Kupang Resources 
Laconia Resources 
Laramide Resources 
Lehman Lee & Xu Mongolia 
Limestreet Capital 
Lindian Resources 
Lydian International
MacPhersons Resources 
Majestic Gold Corp 
Manas Resources 
Manhattan Corporation 
Marengo Mining 
Marmota energy 
Matsa Resources 
Mawson west 
Mayur Resources 
Metals X 
Middle Island Resources 
Mine RP 
Mineral Resources Authority 
Mining Associates 
Mining Group 
Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan 
Minotaur exploration 
Modun Resources 
Mogul Ventures Corp 
Moly Mines 
Monument Mining 
Mundoro Capital 
Mungana Goldmines 
Nautilus Minerals 
NexGen energy 
Nickel Mines 
Nimrodel Resources 
Niton Asia – thermo Fisher scientific 
Northern Graphite Corp 
Norton Gold Fields 
oceanaGold Corporation 
oceanic Iron ore Corp. 
oGL Resources 
olympus Innov-X 
one Asia Resources 
orbis Gold Limited 
orbite Aluminae 
ord River Resources 
orpheus energy 
Padbury Mining 
Pangolin Diamonds 
Panoramic Resources 
Panoro Minerals 
Papillon Resources 
Passport Potash 
Peel Mining 
Peninsula energy 
Phoenix Gold 
Platform Communications 
Platina Resources 
Platts – the Mcgraw hill Companies 
Potash west 
Predator Mining Group 
Predictive Discovery 
Prima Fluorspar Corp 
Professional Public Relations 
Pt sMG Consultants 
Radar Iron 
Ramelius Resources 
RBC Capital Markets 
RBs Morgans 
Realm Resources 
Red Mountain Mining 
Regis Resources 
Renaissance Minerals 
Rex Minerals 
Ridgemont Iron ore 
Rio Alto 
Rock People 
Roma Group 
Rox Resources 
Rum Jungle Resources 
salva Resources 
sandfire Resources NL 
santacruz silver Mining
scantherma Pty 
siburan Resources 
sierra Rutile 
silver Lake Resources 
sirius Minerals 
sirius Resources 
smiibaw Resources 
sNL Metals economics Group 
sPeCtRo Analytical Instruments 
sRK Consulting 
st. Augustine Copper & Gold 
stanmore Coal 
stellar Resources 
stonehenge Metal 
stonehenge Metals 
stornoway Diamonds 
stratum Metals 
sumatra Copper & Gold 
sunset Cove Mining 
talga Resources 
tetra tech wardrop 
the Minserve Group 
tiger Resources 
tigers Realm Coal 
tigers Realm Group 
tigris Gold 
tMX Group / toronto stock exchange / 
tsX Venture exchange 
toro energy 
traverse Drilling International 
treasury Metals 
tungsten Mining 
tVI Pacific 
unity Mining 
Vatukoula Gold Mines 
Ventnor Resources 
Venture Minerals 
Venturex Resources 
Venus Metals 
Volta Mining 
Voyager Resources 
waratah Resources 
western Areas 
western Potash 
white Rock Minerals 
wolf Minerals 
wolf Petroleum 
woulfe Mining 
Xanadu Mines 
Yildirim holding 
YtC Resources 
Zimtu Capital Corp 
Zincox Resources

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