Monday, 28 July 2014

Eric Coffin & Rick Rule Discussion at Sprott Vancouver Resource Symposium

Discussions from Sprott Conference on Korelin.

Sprott Symposium - Includes list of Sponsor Companies
Reports on Symposium discussions

Eric Coffin:

  • Company Ideas
    • Precipitate (PRG.v) - Coffin helped found and large shareholder. Fan of Dominican Republic. Liked Goldquest. Limited cash raisings.
    • Constantine (CEM.v) - Garfield Mcvey / Wayne Livingstone - Palmer Alaska. Logistics better than most of Alaska. VMS project. John Tognetti largest shareholder. Japanese investor spend $22m for 49%. (note stock has flown since 22 July)
    • Adamera (ADZ.v) - Likes Mark - low cost, short drillholes. "Oversight" project near Kinross mine nearing end of life, additional resources saleable?
Rick Rule & Eric Coffin Discussion
  • Oil, inflation stuff

Rick Rule
  • $1bn on call from Korean pension fund to invest over 2 years
  • How can you fail to outperform expectations of nil 
  • Zijin 170 geologists - joint investigations
  • 3 1/2  years to gain Asian investors

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