Sunday, 20 March 2016

Rick Rule Interview

Lessons of the last down cycle should last for 2-3 years and see gold miners earn increasing cashflow per share with a rise in gold prices, benefiting shareholders.

Identify senior and intermediate producers with growing revenues.
Real move in speculative stocks in 9 months, will be a spectacular market, understand depth and severity. Long long way to run with the correct stocks.
Precious metal streams very valuable to struggling base metals miners, streamers offer lowest cost of capital, increase quality and visibility of revenue stream, plus optionality on the streamed mine.
Loves 'optionality' companies, large deposits drilled off with nil NPV at the bottom of the cycle, must preserve the optionality, management must do almost nothing to dilute shareholders, merge and lower SG&A, number of projects then focus on the best. Spend money when the move has progressed and share prices have advanced. Easiest and most dramatic upside except for occasional discovery will be optionality plays. Preference with developement studied and permitted, but less likely. Power of private placements and warrants in micro-caps. Sellers and buyers are exhausted driving outsize moves with some bids.
Risk of appearance of being profitable during low commodity prices through high-grading.

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