Saturday, 4 February 2017

AME Roundup 2017 - Abstracts & Company Discussions with Explorations Insights - Brent Cook & Joe Mazumder

Abstracts are out from the Geologist focused AME Roundup event.

We are seeing some significant discoveries delivering investor excitement about genuinely new projects, as opposed to some of the past cycle re-works.

Mariana, Cordoba, Solgold, Erdene and Reservoir (Nevsun) have stood out with high grade discoveries.

Aurion was not on the coreshack list but delivered spectacular news from Finland last week. Miles Thompson who ran Reservoir Minerals has joined as an advisor and Aurion often features on Brent Cook's prospect generator lists.

High grade potential is renewing interest in more remote 'good jurisdictions', Auryn, Nighthawk, TerraX.

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Coreshack Company List
Coreshack Abstract project summaries 
Technical Sessions
Poster Sessions

Good company reviews from Brent Cook and Joe Mazumder


Solgold (see also Cornerstone Capital %) Rejected BHP offer


Nighthawk (Kinross $10m investment)

Nevsun (Including ex Reservoir Minerals)

Marathon Gold

More insights on the Exploration Insights portfolio (16:00)

Northern Miner Podcast from Roundup


Resource Maven Stocks Discussed, covers a lot of the popular plays.

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