Thursday, 20 April 2017


I hadn't realised there are now 800-900 Cryptocurrencies.

The entire marketcap for the sector has more than tripled in a year, standing at a total $30bn, adding $10bn in just the last couple of months. 
$20bn of the total market cap is Bitcoin, with only 4 others over $500m.
"Altcoins", I presume non Bitcoin, have quadrupled to $10bn in just the last 2 months.

CoinMarket appears to list and track 800
Cryptocompare lists almost 900

Current promotions by the usual letters.

A number of doubles, triples and 10 baggers in the last 7 days trading!

Fortunes made and lost in the speculative tides.
Caveat Emptor
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  1. I am looking at the cryptocurrencies market and thinking. If I can't invest in currencies. How can I benefit from this rapidly growing marketplace? First thing that comes to mind is the companies that are betting heavily on Blockchain technology. So may be, IBM and Microsoft ca provide a way.

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