Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Down But Not Out - PWC - Global Mining Deals 2012 Review / 2013 Outlook

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“As a buyer we see a lot of opportunity right now in these non-producing companies, where the capital markets have been mostly unavailable to them and where they don’t seem to be receiving the same kind of value as they have been, especially in this price environment, so we see that as a terrific opportunity.”Mitchell Krebs, CEOCoeur d’Alene Mines Corp

A potential way for mining companies to create shareholder value is by successfully developing or acquiring pre-production properties. The boost in ounces helps them to achieve an intermediate producer re-rating. “Obtaining intermediate status provides significant strategic advantages,”
If juniors don’t open up to potential M&A, particularly in this market, Mr.Johnson believes companies can expect to face more hostile deals.These are strong statements from the seasoned mining executive, but Mr. Johnson said he’s publicly expressing what many other company executives are feeling. Mr. Johnson said a handful of institutions are calling him for names and numbers of companies that are refusing to sign CAs. “If we are going to force directors and executives to act on behalf of the shareholders we need two things: CEOs to continue to challenge the issue of CAs that tie us up for two years and institutions to stand up and call out CEOs who refuse to sign CAs,” Mr. Johnson said

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