Thursday, 2 May 2013

Brent Cook Q&A at Globe and Mail

Q&A from Brent Cook - HERE
My letter is about what I am doing w/ my money so it is therefore limited. I try to stick w/ the best--sometimes that works. But has been a rough year.
On Buying exploration and early developers now.
I would say yes, but very selectively. Know your company, its cash balance and plans... Better know what the company is looking at, what it could be worth and how much it would take to prove or disprove that thesis....................I suspect that when this market comes out of this the small profitable producers will do best. Exploration plays are tough to pick, at least ones that will work...

Likes B2 Gold and Fortuna. Lydian again. Likes team at North Country Gold but wary of Arctic location and capex. Wary of Lakeshore. Thinks Kirkland Lake will turnaround. Likes Midas & Belo Sun. Doesn't like Eco Oro.

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