Thursday, 16 May 2013

RIU Sydney Roundup

One of the bigger Aussie Resource Company Conferences - Watchlist below


TUESDAY 14 May 2013 
8.55amOfficial Conference Opening Simon Hadfield - Chief Executive Officer 
Resource Information Unit (RIU) 
9.05amWelcome Address Stuart Howe - Resources Analyst 
Bell Potter Securities Ltd 
9.20amRox Resources Ltd Ian Mulholland - Managing Director RXL
9.40amBullabulling Gold Ltd Brett Lambert - Managing Director BAB 
10.00am    Celsius Coal Ltd Alexander Molyneux - Executive Chairman CLA
10.20am    Iron Road Ltd Andrew Stocks - Managing Director IRD 
10.40am   Morning Tea 
11.10am    Laramide Resources Ltd Peter Mullens - VP Exploration / Business 
Development LAM 
11.30am    Lamboo Resources Ltd Dr Craig Rugless - Technical DirectorLMB 
11.50am    Renaissance Minerals Ltd Justin Tremain - Managing Director RNS 
12.10pm    Apollo Minerals Ltd Dominic Tisdell - Chief Operating Officer AON 
12.30pm    World Titanium Resources Ltd Bruce Griffin - Chief Executive Officer WTR 
12.50pm LUNCH 
1.40pm     Encounter Resources Ltd Will Robinson - Managing DirectorENR 
2.00pm     Orbis Gold Ltd Peter Spiers - Managing Director OBS 
2.20pm     Alliance Resources Ltd Stephen Johnston - Managing DirectorAGS 
2.40pm     Mincor Resources NL David Moore - Managing Director MCR 
3.00pm     MacPhersons Resources Ltd Morrie Goodz - Managing Director MRP 
3.20pm     AFTERNOON TEA 
3.50pm     Pioneer Resources Ltd David Crook - Managing Director PIO 
4.10pm     Middle Island Resources Ltd Rick Yeates - Managing DirectorMDI 
4.30pm     Doray Minerals Ltd Allan Kelly - Managing Director DRM 
4.50pm     Black Mountain Resources Ltd Peter Landau - Executive Chairman BMZ 
5.10pm     St Barbara Ltd Garth Campbell-Cowan - Chief Financial OfficerSBM 
5.30pm     DAY ONE CLOSE 
Conference Drinks held in the Exhibition Area 
WEDNESDAY 15 May 2013 
9.00amNew R&D Tax Incentive - Have the Explorers been Shafted? 
Graham Wakeman - Partner - Government Incentives BDO 
9.20amCorazon Mining Ltd Brett Smith - Managing Director CZN 
9.40amOctagonal Resources Ltd Anthony Gray - Managing Director ORS 
10.00amIronclad Mining Ltd Robert Mencel - Managing Director IFE
10.50amChina: Change in Growth Model and Demand for Commodity 
XD Chen - Managing Director and Chief Economist - Head of Macro 
Research BNP Paribas (China) Limited 
11.10amAustralian Bauxite Ltd Ian Levy - Chief Executive Officer ABZ 
11.30amSouthern Hemisphere Mining Ltd Trevor Tennant - 
Managing Director SUH 
11.50amEvolution Mining Ltd Aaron Colleran - Vice President 
Business Development EVN
12.10pmA1 Consolidated Gold Ltd Dennis Clark - Managing Director AYC 
12.30pmGippsland Ltd Ian Gandel - Chairman GIP
1.40pmSouthern Cross Goldfields Ltd Glenn Jardine - Managing Director SXG
2.00pmTriAusMin Ltd Wayne Taylor - CEO / Managing Director TRO
2.20pmDampier Gold Ltd Richard Hay - Chief Executive Officer DAU 
2.40pmBreaker Resources NL Tom Sanders - Executive Chairman BRB
3.00pmInvestigator Resources Ltd John Anderson - Managing Director IVR
3.50pmCrossland Uranium Mines Ltd Geoff Eupene - CEO & 
Exploration Director CUX 
4.10pmTawana Resources NL Len Kolff - Managing Director TAW
4.30pmPeel Mining Ltd Rob Tyson - Managing Director PEX
4.50pmSirius Resources NL Dr Mark Bennett - CEO / Managing  Director SIR 
5.10pmThe Future of Commodities to 2017 - Battlefield Earth 
Allan Trench Associate Consultant, CRU Strategies & Professor, University of 
Western Australia and Curtin Business School 
Conference Drinks held in the Exhibition Area 
Thursday 16 May 2013 
8.50amCyclical Rotation Investing and the Resource Sector 
Dr Stephen Bartrop -  Director 
Breakaway Investment Group 
9.20amMusgrave Minerals Ltd Robert Waugh - Managing Director MGV
9.40amVenture Minerals Ltd Hamish Halliday - Managing Director VMS
10.00am    Stanmore Coal Ltd Nick Jorss - Managing Director SMR 
10.20am    YTC Resources Ltd Rimas Kairaitis - Managing Director YTC
10.40am    MORNING TEA 
11.10am    White Rock Minerals Ltd Geoffrey Lowe - Managing  Director WRM 
11.30am    Contintental Coal Ltd Jason Brewer - Managing Director CCC
11.50am    Avalon Minerals Ltd Dr Quinton Hills - Exploration Manager AVI
12.10pm    Blackham Resources Ltd Bryan Dixon - Managing Director BLK 
12.30pm    Rex Minerals Ltd Steve Olsen - Executive Director, Business 
Development RXM 
12.50pm LUNCH 
1.40pmIndependence Group NL Chris Bonwick - Managing Director IGO
2.00pmMutiny Gold Ltd John Greeve - Managing Director MYG
2.20pmKingsgate Consolidated Ltd Gavin Thomas - Managing 
Director / CEO KCN 
2.40pmAre We There Yet? 
Have the Market Gods Blown Full Time on Gold Prices or is it only 
Sean Russo - Managing Director / Principal 
Noah’s Rule 

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