Saturday, 24 May 2014

Accounting in Mining

PWC 2012          PDF
PWC "Basics" 2010
KPMG 2012 Survey
CPA Canada
Ernst & Young 2013 "Good Mining"
Deloitte 2007 - Traps & Pitfalls
Deloitte 2003 - Financial Reporting in Global Mining - although out of date highlights some of the key conceptual issues

  • Although its mineral reserves are arguably the most 
  • valuable asset of a mining company, they do not appear 
  • as an asset on the balance sheet except to the extent 
  • they were purchased. Even then, the cost of mineral 
  • reserves is often not disclosed separately from other 
  • mining-related fixed assets.
  • Assets should not be carried on the balance sheet at an amount in excess of their recoverable amount. The measurement and recognition of asset impairment is an important issue in the mining industry
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