Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Brent Cook Interview on BNN

HT IKN         Part 1      Part 2   notes below....

  • Many discoveries haven't worked, good ones plagued by environmental and social problems.
  • A lot of fluff and excess to go away. 
  • Money too widely scattered amongst companies not doing any work. Too much reliance by investors on 43-101. Geology best guesses not an exact science. 
  • 2015 apathetic market, time to evaluate results, but time to buy at reasonable valuations.
  • 2016/17 majors have to come back and buy reasonable deposits.
  • Many outcropping ore bodies already explored / discovered, going deeper under cover. 
  • Cook is focussing on companies with cash and confidence.

Brent Cook used to be followed by "Stockchase" but it appears the last picks were from March-14, presumably reflecting the lack of interest in mining stocks? He has a number of continued favourites including Mirasol, ('textbook grassroots explorer' recognise what a deposit does and doesn't look like, find the fatal flaw) Reservoir and Pilot discussed in the new interviews

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