Friday, 27 January 2012

Junior Gold Miners and Explorers with a Major Mining Partner

Great investments and speculations in the junior gold and silver exploration space require identification of the strongest companies with greatest potential.

We can improve the odds that the high risks offer high rewards.

These junior explorers must hold great projects managed by great people.
If we can identify these companies early, at low market capitalisation values, then we improve the odds of high returns upon discovery and through development.
Equally we may buy cheaply through market cycles lows like 2011 and through company development cycles when the excitement wanes.

A great article by Brent Cook on the difficulties faced by junior explorers in this endeavour, the lifecycle of junior explorers, reminders of why the majors are hungry for new resources from the junior exploration teams and how we need to judge price and value as investors to ensure we are not buying whilst the smart are selling.

We can find these high potential juniors by following great management teams, I shall continuously update and welcome comments and feedback on the "Good People in Good Projects" page.

We can also follow activities of the Major and Mid-Tier gold and silver producers who partner, joint venture, and take stakes in the junior companies, where they see exciting high potential projects.
 I shall continue to update and welcome feedback and your thoughts on companies referenced on the
  "Junior Gold with a Major Mining Shareholder" page.

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