Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Risk vs Reward Players should be all over the gold stock case right now

One of the saner voices writing in the investment space is Gary Tanashian.

Yes he's into gold and the miners on a secular basis,  but he also recognises the power of the "continuum" of the long bond bull market.

One day that continuum will snap but in the meantime it is well worth respecting.
The bond bull maintains low interest rates.
I presume that there is huge political weight and power behind maintaining this through all means, QE and mind-boggling interest rate derivative markets are some of these.

As I look to trade a little more at extremes I will look to these voices to block the "hype".

As of now, Feb 2012 Gary sees relative  weakness in the gold stocks.

The key quote:
"Risk vs Reward players should be all over the gold stock case right now, at least in a watching and waiting mode."

I agree.

Full Article is Linked Here

Also interesting to the gold mining bugs his views of where gold miners might move "technically speaking" - his 3 Snowmen, or more.
See Article

Find him at Notes from the Rabbit Hole - Biiwii 

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