Sunday, 29 April 2012

Precious Metals Summit Conferences

Webcast and Slideshow Presentations from April 2012

A large number of companies making full presentations.....See list below ......

I've always found it time consuming to listen to full presentations preferring to flick through the powerpoint files but I've realised that, though male, it is possible to multitask and listen while I'm busy doing other things.

Alexis Minerals Corporation
Andina Minerals Inc.
Apogee Silver Ltd.
Astur Gold Corp.
ATAC Resources Ltd.
Atacama Pacific Gold Corporation
Aurcana Corporation
Aureus Mining
Avala Resources Ltd.
Azimuth Resources Limited
Batero Gold Corp.
Belo Sun Mining Corp.
Carpathian Gold Inc.
Castillian Resources Corp.
Caza Gold Corp.
CB Gold Inc.
Chesser Resources Ltd.
Corvus Gold Inc.
Crusader Resources Limited
Dalradian Resources Inc.
Drake Resources Limited
Dunav Resources Ltd.
Dundee Precious Metals Inc.
East Asia Minerals Corporation
Esperanza Resources Corp.
Eurasian Minerals Inc.
Exeter Resource Corporation
Extorre Gold Mines Limited
Glory Resources Limited
Gold Canyon Resources Inc.
Gold Resource Corporation
Gold Standard Ventures Corp.
Golden Minerals Company
Golden Predator Corp.
Helio Resource Corp.
Indochine Mining Limited
International Northair Mines Ltd.
Keegan Resources Inc.
Loncor Resources Inc.
Lupaka Gold Corp.
Malbex Resources
Mandalay Resources Corporation
Mariana Resources Ltd.
Midas Gold Corp.
Middle Island Resources Limited
Minco Silver Corporation
Mirasol Resources Ltd.
Nautilus Minerals Inc.
Newstrike Capital Inc.
Northern Tiger Resources Inc.
Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
NovaGold Resources Inc.
Orezone Gold
Pan African Resources
Pilot Gold Inc.
Platinum Group Metals Ltd.
PMI Gold Corporation
Premier Gold Mines Limited
Pretivm Resources Inc.
Primero Mining Corp.
Probe Mines Limited
Prodigy Gold Inc.
Renaissance Gold Inc.
Revolution Resources Corporation
Riverside Resources Inc.
Riverstone Resources Inc.
Roxgold Inc.
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.
San Gold Corporation
Sandspring Resources Ltd.
Scorpio Mining Corporation
Seafield Resources Ltd.
Spanish Mountain Gold
St Andrew Goldfields Ltd.
Sunward Resources
Taung Gold
Tembo Gold Corp.
Terraco Gold Corp.
TriStar Gold Inc.
Unigold Inc.
Vista Gold Corp.
Volta Resources Inc.
West Kirkland Mining Inc.

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