Sunday, 8 April 2012

Updates to - Nevada - Yukon - Good People

The most popular posts and pages on the blog have proved to be

  • Nevada Exploration (See "Regional Exploration" Page)
  • Yukon Exploration   (                "                 "             )
  • Good People - Good Projects
  • Junior Gold with a Major Mining Shareholder
I have recently revisited and added quite a lot of detail and links on the Nevada and Yukon pages.

The "Good People" page still needs work but now includes additional names either suggested to me or picking up Casey's Explorers League and Nexten individuals for example. 

Clearly views of notable management will vary. The projects cannot all be "good projects", some are very early stage, lottery tickets perhaps, so considerable care and due diligence must still be taken.

I would be grateful to hear any opinions regarding possible additions and equally any cautions around companies or people included.

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