Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bob Hoye - A New Bull Market for Gold Stocks? Gold Miners are Winners during Deflation

An Interview with Bob Hoye discussing the "post bubble deflation" and the increase in the real price of gold driving profits for the miners.

It is interesting that the May turn in the miners came with the breakout of gold over commodities, the increased "real price" of gold.

Hoye sees role of Gold to reliquify the banking system.

A New Bull Market for Gold stocks. Will now require a good test of the lows.
Does not expect silver to be the winner over gold. Sees Gold:Silver ratio to 100.
Gold Mining will be the growth industry, the shining star in a post bubble deflation.
Even the "Pigs" will fly. Discoveries and area plays in a big bull market.

Play the Interview here At Gold Money

Discussed by Mike Shedlock (Mish)

Jeff Kern's "SKI" gold system published at 321 gold is also seeing a potential turning point in the miners
"now are close to setting up for the possible decline that’s likely to change the structure of the market and generate multiple (and typically powerful) index buy signals in July......the situation IS almost set-up for a bullish SKI index structure and multiple buy signals (short-term, intermediate-term, and longer-term) on a decline."

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