Saturday, 9 June 2012

Strong Accumulation during Gold Triangle

Approaching decision time for gold.
Strong accumulation during the course of this triangle......

Do you, don't you....?

While strong distribution in the Dollar?

A top in the Long Bond?

Even Robert Prechter sees Risk in US Treasury rates ?! Here
" So, I think this maybe the last major bull market topping out, in bonds." 

Jordan Roy Byrne presents inter-market analysis, Bonds top first, then gold climbs.

Jim Sinclair's final "pillar" in the Gold Bull Market is a recognised top in bonds. Once a top in bonds is in bond capital values decline while yield rises. Rising yields may be negative for general stocks but gold remains the haven, particularly if rising rates indicate inflation and rates are raised "behind the curve" resulting in negative real rates.

And Gold Miners? Selling production at higher prices during a tough period for other businesses and asset classes. They will be discovered.

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