Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gold Junior Miner M&A - Argonaut Gold buys Prodigy Gold

Junior Producer Argonaut Gold (AR.TO), who I would categorise as a "growth consolidator" in the gold junior space, led by respected ex Meridian management to a near $1bn market cap with only 100k oz pa current production in Mexico, are to acquire Prodigy Gold (PDG.v) who recently increased resources at their Magino Deposit in Canada ~ 6m oz, relatively low grade - although as Prodigy point out, ranking quite high grade alongside other deposits available for development......

Argonaut see this positioning them to achieve 300-500k oz pa production in good jurisdictions.....bit of a range there, one statement is that the development at Magino offers flexibility in scale of production.


Magino is a brownfield development and supported by a strong PEA - NPV(5%) nr $1bn at $1200 gold, rising almost $200m for every $100 in the gold price - figures quoted pre-tax, something to be wary of in the way these things are often published! 

Capital cost est ~$400m is fairly low compared to the remote large projects out there, an advantage of brownfield in Ontario. PDG have consolidated a regional land package of 70km2. 
Further work includes metallurgy and first nations agreements.


AR down 9% on the news, as so often in these takeover announcements.
PDG up 39%

Some other comparable M&A in Canada - From Northern Freegold's presentation

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