Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mining in Canada - Parets & Brandt - USD:CAD

Currencies - A double edged sword as a UK based mining investor.....

JC Parets at Allstar Charts suggests here that the Canadian Dollar is likely to continue to weaken against the US$. Impacting local mining costs but also be wary of local $CAD vs $US stock valuations impacts.
Peter Brandt is pointing to the same, and also Aussie Dollars. Also seeing positive Palladium charts (Paret's Favourite Chart for 2014) and Brandt's "instincts not to be trusted" are that precious metals have bottomed.

Longer term USD:CAD - 10 year chart

From that UK investor point of view GBP may continue to strengthen against the $US again according to Parets

Longer Term USD:GBP  10year chart

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