Sunday, 9 March 2014

PDAC 2014 News - Reviews and Stock Picks

Catching up on some of the PDAC 2014.

Series of articles and reviews from PDAC at Financial Post - HERE

Kip Keen at Mineweb - "PDAC 2014 Same but Different"

Eric Coffin Interview - not much tsunami of news during this PDAC because so few are working on anything so PDAC curse unlikely this year. Likens to 2003 market, 150 good companies perform while 900 drag back the index, (Rule's bifurcation / Kaiser's selective bull market)

Ben Johnson - First securities - believes looks like a bottom for gold and the miners. Miners already had bear ahead of main market corrections.

Rick Rule Interview - False rally. Bottom will be longer process. More companies making new lows than highs, better companies doing well. 20-25% moving higher, rest trying to survive. Looking at exploration because no-one else is.

2014 Thayer Lindsley award - Barrick Goldrush discovery team - 14m oz Cortez Nevada - A major making discovery rather than juniors.

"Mining Snaps" - Interviews with Brent Cook, Jordan Roy Byrne, Geoff Candy, Sean Brodrick, Sean Rahimov, Mickey Fulp, Thibaut Lepouttre, Jayant Bhandari

BNN Interviews

Peter Cosgrove BNN 
Jeff Evans CIBC on BNN
Mining tools
Brent Cook Market Call - BNN
Ned Goodman - BNN
Rick Rule BNN

Notes on Rick Rule Interview HERE
Notes on Brent Cook HERE

Stock Picks Brent cook at Stockchase - HERE
Stock Picks Rick Rule at Stockchase - HERE

Reading between the lines on Brent Cook's interview by IKN

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