Monday, 9 June 2014

Larry Edelson Increasingly Bullish on Precious Metals and Selected Miners ?

While gold, silver and mining shares may look weak on the surface, I have every reason to believe that this weakness is merely a disguise for the next big move,  which will be dramatically higher for both metals -

Edelson has earned credibility from calling a top in 2011 and being sceptical of the early 2014 rally until now.
See link to recent discussion with Martin Weiss on turning bullish again. (also here)
Suggesting driven by "war cycles" / bankrupt governements putting a bottom in gold and silver. Weakness in the Euro will drive flight to safety. Wealthy Russians capital flight. Gold Switzerland to Asia. QE3 announced and gold fell, marked the top in 2011. Gold trade changed recently. Rallies to new highs despite sharp pullbacks. Inflation, threats to energy supplies. Historically gold hedge during geopolitical conflict not just inflation. Believes gold has bottomed, before apparent inflation.Gold moving up with tapering. Gold as portable wealth, unlike real estate. Also recommending mining shares, leveraged to gold and silver. Buy PM stocks for 5-10c on the $. Buy some to hold,some to trade.Minimum targets for next 3 years $5000 gold, $125 silver. 2 years into an 8 year cycle seeing international conflict, then could see $7-8-9k gold. Prefer gold as monetary metal. Silver wild swings may have more potential recommends 65:35 gold:silver. Plat / Palladium explosive potential strategic metals, supply limited by locations. > 50% ex Russia, then S.African issues. Recommended add +5% to gold, bullion. In JNUG triple leveraged ETF (low on very high volume ~$13.30 > $16.34 10th June. "Very excited" called bear, waited 3 years. Speculate on mining shares so beaten up. Options trades. Likes Iamgold as 13m oz resources junior. Gold @ $5k sees IAG potential x16. Trade in and out to do better. Will recommend 3-5 stocks in next few weeks. Next phase will see a lot of big swings. Actively trade. 3 year opportunity.
Yes he is promoting a trading service ! Just $1500 pa or $2,500 for 3 ! Yikes.
There was a spike in volume and price on IAG / IMG.TO recently - is this Edelson watchers ?


  1. According to a Gold Trading Advisory Company, Zinc trading range for the day is 126.1-129.9.

  2. In precious metals, Silver prices settled flat as strong U.S. economic growth boosted equities and the dollar, weakening safe-haven bids for bullion.