Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Junior Gold Mining M&A - Goldcorp to acquire Probe Mines

Goldcorp announced the acquisition of Probe Mines in Ontario for $440m-$526m, a near 50% premium.
The straws have been in the wind since Jamie Sokalsky ex Barrick chief joined the company and the junior consolidated key land packages to control the district target and the key high grade targets. John Kaiser has been early in highlighting the high grade discovery in what was seen as a low grade play - his last note gives a detailed view of the project. Scotia's downgrade of the stock caused a scare last year but does not look to have put off Goldcorp. Probe made their first run during the Noront led Ring of fire Chromite discoveries and this will be spun off to a new company with cash.
The stock is the rare 100-bagger from the 2008 crash lows with a technical team changing project focus to Borden gold and then identifying a high grade core to a large low grade deposit.
In December 2014 David Palmer of Probe won PDAC's Bill Dennis Award for the Borden project
"This prestigious award is shared by every member of the Probe team," said David Palmer, President and CEO of Probe Mines. "From our technical team that has continued to advance and improve this deposit in the four years since its discovery, to the prospectors who brought us the property, Mike Tremblay and Jack Robert; Brian Atkinson, former OGS Regional Resident Geologist (Timmins); our Board of Directors; management and support teams; consultants and the First Nations and Chapleau communities - none of this would have been possible without them. On behalf of the entire Probe team, I would like to thank the PDAC for this incredible honour. As discoveries become scarcer, Borden exemplifies the importance of grass roots exploration and the potential that still exists within Canada to find high-quality and relevant deposits."

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