Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ross Beaty Interview - Vancouver 2015

  • Outlook has changed quite "profoundly" since last year. 
  • Bearish on most metals, very bullish on gold, more bullish as the months have gone on. Nervous on copper.
  • Metals move in cyles, make money on the way in, this is the kind of time to be buying. 
  • Mostly investing in gold and silver stocks. Great couple of years ahead for silver. 
  • Ecuador, mining industry as catalyst for country growth as oil turns down, Beaty and Lundin view.
  • Still likes renewable energy, thinks dirty coal is dead, dustbin of history. Oil little to do with renewable energy - competes with coal and gas, low gas prices an issue.
  • Strong pricing has encouraged over-supply for most metals. Zinc well balanced, copper energy metal not so over-supplied.
  • Successful juniors de-risked large assets good management. 
  • Been buying gold and silver junior stocks. Good discoveries rare but always a winner.
  • Watching and buying a number of junior mining stocks undisclosed below 10% insider holdings.
Publicly holds : Pan American Silver, Alterra, Kaminak (with Lundin) , Odin Mining, Anfield Nickel, Nord Resources?, Amerigo,  Kivalliq


  1. Notice he doesn't talk about CB Gold , ECO ORO , GALWAY GOLD , because they will be homeruns

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