Sunday, 12 April 2015

Larry Edelson remains Bearish on Gold and Miners

After calling for a resumption of the bull last June (with the launch of an expensive advisory service - any refunds?) Edelson quickly reverted to a bearish position and now sees a big sell off coming 14th April and likely long term lows in May, June or October - so a few options there.

Edelson suggests he is close to Martin Armstrong who sees major "big bang" in bond markets in September 2015. Will gold be a refuge or initially sell off too? As miners topped at the end of 2010 well ahead of peak gold prices some better issues may see strength ahead of gold lows, some significant investors are putting capital to work, Beaty, Lundin and others.
But perhaps many more, Rick Rule for example, are looking for a final vicious capitulation bottom.

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