Thursday, 1 March 2012

Colombia Gold Exploration

A lazy post because here is someone doing Colombia far better than I can.
Even lazier it's as recommended by Otto at Inca Kola.

I Post here as part of this blog's series on the Regional Exploration Page

The monthly letters, linked below, appear to be freely available, I presume his business is therefore advertising, so as ever beware of writer biases but for me Otto's recommendation gives credibility.

The writer is Paul Harris, interviewed here at Gold Report

Promoters keen on Colombia are,
Thom Calandra on Stockhouse, these stocks can get quite pumped. Calandra runs Torrey Hills capital which is paid to promote stocks.
Bob Moriarty sees Colombia as an enormous future gold mining centre, stock mentions on 321 Gold during a "hot" period for gold stocks will run hard due to wide readership. Moriarty readily admits he is invested, sponsored and biased but has identified some good situations, Rio Alto would come to mind.

So as usual with exploration beware the hot stocks and promotions which have already run but Colombia is seeing enormous inward investment and majors taking stakes, discussed at the CGR Letter.
Given the country's history there must be some nervousness about politics, taxation, permitting, ownership etc, but for now a very hot area and some big players engaged and emerging.

The usual market cap / price tracker spreadsheet to follow.

Linked Site - Colombia Gold Report

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