Wednesday, 7 March 2012

PDAC Post at Cara Community - Day 1 & 2

Cara Community including PDAC post

Rick Rule on Stockchase for the first time in a couple of years mentions a couple of

Prospect /Project Generator model companies - linked here the page reviewing more of these.

Altius and

Eurasian Minerals (EMX.v) - Also now listed on Amex
Not cheap at $130m market cap but to quote Rule, who we must assume owns,

Feels they have the best accumulation of intellectual capital in the exploration business in a company of its size on the planet. Have about 200 properties of which 80 are funded by other people's money. Over $40 million in the treasury. Very successful.

they also recently anounced a potential combination with Bullion Monarch ( I never usually look at .OB stocks) which will provide them with a royalty stream, ($6m in 2011 from Newmont properties) so potentially even less dilutive going forwards.

The guys at Metal Augmentor have been putting up their thoughts from PDAC
Day 1 
Day 2

For a more humerous take on PDAC and various letter writers and goldbug crowd see here

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