Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Banker's Look at Gold and Gold Mining

Interesting article from a banker at Standard Chartered on funding for the Gold Juniors.
Discussing West Africa in particular, see the "Regional Exploration" Page for Explorers there.
IRRESPECTIVE of the global financial markets, United Kingdom Standard Bank’s director mining and metals Vaughan Wickins believes funding will continue to be available for quality assets in Africa.
“West Africa is maturing into a serious gold production jurisdiction,” he said.

“It offers good exploration growth potential and is attractive in terms of deposit size, grade and capital cost as a ratio to estimate production.”“Our West African gold target universe delivers ratios of average capex to targeted annual production of around $US1500 per ounce. A number of the majors are a multiple of this. Newcrest recently cited capex costs of $5 billion over the next five years to lift output by 1 million ounces. That’s a ratio closer to $US5300/oz of annual production.“ Similarly, Barrick is contemplating Cerro Casale at $US6 billion capex for annual production of 1Moz gold plus copper credits, a ratio of around $US6000/oz.”

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