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Ron Rosen - Bullish Gold, Silver, HUI Price Targets 2014

An interesting view of price targets, with the most bullish outlook for the Gold mining stocks from Ron Rosen on KWN..... Including Update 26th Nov

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(Update 26th Nov - Rosen discusses the potential for gold to have entered a new channel to higher levels in line with Alf Field's targets for wave 3 of 3, search on JGMS blog for Alf's projections.
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Additional discussion suggesting the miners can soar against a sinking general stock market - hasn't happened recently !

Gold stocks would almost quadruple from here to meet Rosen's targets by 2014.
For those who review company Feasibility studies it is clear that many gold stocks have a much much higher NPV (Net present value) than the market currently credits if metal prices credibly remain above $2000, or even at current pricing.
There is enormous leverage in the miners to stronger gold prices if costs can be controlled.

This follows on from Rosen's recently posted view of the 15x3 Point & Figure seeing a "monumental move" in gold.

I note other experienced voices making similar calls and some suggesting the move once it starts could complete even faster.

I recall at least two very bad calls from Rosen

Here in September 2009  restated in November 2009 calling for a collapse to much lower levels when in fact the miners went on to highs by the end of 2010 and the gold price continued higher to September 2011 - See Stockcharts here, seeing gold move from $1,100 to $1,900.
Similarly Rosen was too early in predicting Gold's Collapse in February 2011, although his warning signs in the mining stocks were absolutely correct.

But good calls looking for weakness in the miners in May 2011
Reasserted in June 2011

No Gurus. None of us are infallible. Listen to price and the market.

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