Saturday, 2 November 2013

FT's Dizard - Gold's Next Move could be Discontinuous and Dramatic

The Financial Times tends to have a pretty dismal view of gold. John Dizard is one of their more off-beat contributors. HERE he discusses unusual signals in physical premiums in India and China.
........the continuing high level of premiums for physical gold over the kinds you can trade on a screen suggests that the next move in the major gold indices or the various exchange traded funds could be discontinuous and dramatic. It would be much better for the financial world if gold were just bumping along, with only enough volatility and liquidity to keep a few dealers’ lights on. That would mean electronic or paper assets have retained their essential credibility with the public........“This could turn into a very violent wake-up for (screen-traded gold). People talk about ‘fiat currencies’, but we also have fiat gold. Volatility is too cheap right now.”

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