Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bounces in Hinde's 90 Percent Club

Hinde Capital ran an article in October 2013 listing some of the biggest fallers in the mining sector, down 90% or more from their old highs - HERE
They highlighted that prices were falling below cost of production.
Below is a watchlist of the stocks. A number of things to note.......

  • Several acquisitions made from the beaten down ranks.B2 Gold and Teranga saw value in Volta and Oromin. Liongold acquired Acadian but has its own problems. South American Silver bought HighDesert. Kerr Mines is bidding for American Bonanza, balance sheets hold plant and machinery in some cases.
  • The big falls see some big bounces, but still a long way to go to recover old highs and many have been heavily diluted in the interim so probably never can.
  • Some are deservedly beaten down, buyer beware.
  • However there are some big volumes and price moves moving around here which deserve attention.

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