Saturday, 15 February 2014

Roulston & Coffin Gold Stock Picks

Lawrence Roulston discussing buying HERE - .....more

Likes True Gold, Sandspring, Sunridge, MAG Silver, Altius, Uranerz, Columbus Gold money being directed at select junior growth companies. The key to success is to get in early, at the bottom of the market, alongside the smart money,” he said. “The way to make money in a cyclical market like this is to buy at the  bottom of the cycle, which is now. You’ve got to go against popular wisdom, be a contrarian investor and move against the herd and get in while prices are low. Don’t wait for the media to announce that the  resource sector has recovered, because by then prices would already  have moved five times higher,” Roulston said. 
Coffin's Hard Rock Advisory is running a subscriber conference with Roulston's Resource Opportunities, sponsors include,
Barisan Gold, Mundoro Capital, SilverCrest Mines, Graphite One, Sunridge Gold, Nevsun Resources, Columbus Gold

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