Sunday, 16 December 2012

Couer D'Alene Buy Mirasol's Interest in Joaquin Silver Project

The Joaquin project is in Argentina, which has seen investors running scared of project nationalisation, risks of being unable to take cash and profits out of the country and some more localised permitting issues.

Pan American silver, for example, are yet to develop the enormous Navidad silver project they acquired with Aquiline.
Mirasol are a project generator team who have seen a following from Brent Cook and Paul Van Eeeden. They will now have $30m cash and $30m Coeur D'Alene stock against their market cap of $95m to determine their next focus.
Other current projects appear to be in Argentina and Chile. Will they remain in Argentina?
Will Coeur D'Alene's move signal any change in the view of Argentina for resource investors?

Quite the ride for MRZ investors

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