Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Wandering Greg Gibson

Greg Gibson features on the "Good People Good Projects" page as someone to keep an eye on after he sold Trelawny to Iamgold for $585m in 2012, in hindsight an excellent deal for Trelawny shareholders in a project some cast doubt on. Since then Gibson has taken on directorships across Canadian Gold Mining.
Today it was announced that he would join Armistice Resources (AZ.TO) as President and CEO, saying,
 I consider the potential for the Kerr-Addison property unparalleled and I intend to focus on moving it ahead as quickly as capital allows us to do so. We will also continue to search for opportunities to add attractive Canadian gold mining assets to our portfolio
On 3rd September2013 Gibson joined the board of San Gold. San Gold's stock price has been battered in 2013, after great hopes for the next Red Lake a few years ago, they now have to be considered a high cost, risky producer, yet they recently announced land deals in the Rice Lake belt.
Gibson also joined exploration company SGX Resource's board in May 2013. SGX are an exploration spin off company from San Gold.

In June 2012 Gibson joined the board of Temex Resources

After Trelawny Gibson also joined Northern Gold as President and CEO but later resigned after pursuing a land consolidation plan at a time when capital is hard to secure.

In November 2012 Gibson also joined as Chairman of the board at Mainstream Minerals


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  1. San Gold? Really? I thought he would have better judgement than that.