Sunday, 21 September 2014

Frank Giustra Liking Development stage Miners

Interview at CEO
the market does look like it’s past the bottom. Second, you still have time to implement a ‘simple’ contrarian strategy — buy real, proven, assets cheaply and wait for them to be re-priced by the market. “Many assets are on the market today that bear little risk to investors, but are trading well below their fair value because of the severity of the bear market. When an asset has already been studied and understood, analysts can come up with a good estimate for the value of the resource – a mineralized ore body – that is in the ground. In a very bad bear market, these assets trade cheaply – but it has nothing to do with the merits of the asset; it’s all about the market’s attitude towards resources. ‘Buy right, sit tight.’ Once you’ve bought the right assets, just wait for the market to re-value your asset higher.”
“You can never pick absolute tops or absolute bottoms. Nobody can do that. I called the bottom a couple of years too early. What have I done about it? If you pick the bottom at the wrong time, and the market keeps getting cheaper, you can keep buying if you have the cash – but don’t ‘average down’ into bankruptcy. Your approach will depend on your financial situation. In 2013, I had the cash, so I averaged down.”Mr. Giustra said the exploration stocks would be the last ones to rally in a recovery, so he was focusing on developed assets for now. When money begins to enter the resource sector, the first assets to go higher will be low-risk assets that have already been thoroughly explored and delineated. Those assets will get bought up by investors, or taken out by mining companies to get put into production.
“Exploration will have its day later in the cycle, but it’s just way too early for those companies for me,” he said.

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