Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Gold Stock Rankings

Early September saw the Denver Gold Show and Precious Metals Summit, and the beginning of a sustained period of weakness in the mining stocks.
At the time I published a watchlist of all the stocks presenting  (this and a number of other watchlists and stocklists are under the "companies" heading on the left sidebar of  the blog)
There were just over 200 companies making it to one or both shows.
The far right of the listing tracked long term performance against a 10th September base date.
Here is a ranking of performances since then also showing daily performance last Friday 7th November on the day the GDX reported the highest ever volume.
Also showing relative positioning to 52 week highs and lows.
Click the arrow to expand or right click to open a new tab and zoom in.
Please note that Market Caps are in quote currencies, so it is not quite right to add up as I have done and as ever always double check the data as sometimes google finance returns some odd data.

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