Saturday, 5 May 2012

Miner Ratings and Earnings Estimates

Published weekly at Kitco by Bill Matlack of Scarsdale Equities.

Coverage of a good range of senior and junior miners with forward earnings estimates.

Kitco - see "Contributed Commentaries"

May 2nd Reports

There are many companies with foward 2013 P/E ratios below 10x earnings, plenty near 5x based on $1715 gold and $35 silver prices.

If gold and silver run over the next year there is extraordinary value in the miners.

The consensus metal prices used for 2014 / 2015 are lower.

My view is that we will see extremes in gold prices.

Either everything is "fixed" and gold is due to collapse, or there are serious problems to come. With easing the practical response, gold will respond aggressively to the upside.

With gold entering timing bands for a cycle change is this the end of the bull or the start of a move to Nichol's or Field's numbers (see right bar of blog)

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