Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mickey Fulp's Gold Miners Suck

Mickey Fulp is a geologist writer I respect, linked on this blog at the Mercenary Geologist.

Brent Cook is another, well respected economic geologist, also linked from this blog at Exploration Insights.

Both have written and spoken recently of the weakness in the juniors, caused especially by a surfeit of poor companies and surplus paper in the market.
Both prompt careful slow accumulation in the sector and expect little to come during the traditional "summer doldrums" after "sell in May".

Here is Mickey Fulp's article
And smart trader Robert Sinn's contrarian take on it.

Summary of Brent Cook's recent Stock Picks on BNN
Link to BNN Interview - A good listen
Brent Cook is a smart Geologist but also associates with some smart investors like Rick Rule. However he also admits to some bad trading calls in 2011 for example getting lured back into the market and being well down in 2011.

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