Saturday, 19 January 2013

AME BC Roundup - January 2013

The Association for Mineral Exploration - British Columbia (AME-BC) promotes mineral exploration in Western Canada.
However their Roundup Abstracts are excellent reading on exploration across Canada and by Canadian companies Internationally.................more....
The Northern Miner special publication marking their 100th anniversary is a good history of the region. HERE

Their annual Roundup show in Vancouver, shortly after the Cambridge House event, describes itself as "The world's premier technical mineral exploration conference"

The detailed schedule of the conference does appear to be aimed much more at economic geologists and mining specialists than the typical investor/promoter shows. It seems possible that some of the more purely promotional companies cannot easily face such an audience.
Whilst the primary focus, as expected, is promotion of BC companies, there is also a great deal of general review of global exploration highlights.

"Abstracts" are published for the conference each year and these are excellent coverage of a great many quality global companies and exploration projects.

2013 Abstract
2012 Abstract
2011 Abstract

2012 Exhibitors List - yet to see 2013 list

An interesting link from the AME site is to the University of British Columbia's Mineral Deposit Research Unit MDRUWith industry partners they are engaged in a number of projects in geologically interesting global exploration regions.

The Tethyan Mineral Belt

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