Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bob Moriarty 10 Mining Picks

Bob Moriarty has a long record in the gold and mining sector, he takes sponsorship and holds stocks and always makes clear he is biased. He discusses his favourites HERE

Go back and review his articles over 11 years HERE


  1. Moriarty is a pump and dump promoter... whoever gives him money and/or stock. His timing has been terrible and his picks the worst. The guy has no training nor degrees except for his humungous ego to analyze the value of a company. After pumping Petaquilla Minerals at the top, just prior to it losing 95% of its value in 2008, he was provided the information that its President and CEO was a convicted drug dealer that served time in prison (Richard Fifer). He said, "The finest companies are run by criminals and not trust one that wasn't (run by a criminal)". Anyone interested I still have Moriarty's email if you'd like to read it!

    Anyway, Moriarty is a horrid little foul-mouthed man with no class. He lies and brags about being a "war hero" in the brutal Vietnam war and yet condemns any soldier that participated in any wars since.

    Run, don't walk from this incompetent idiot that doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground.

    1. Well we all have a few rough edges but except for that do you think he's a pretty great guy?

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