Friday, 6 December 2013

Gold Miners with Cash and Other Fundamentals

Y-Charts have a nice screener which plots scattergraphs of Balancesheet, P&L and Cashflow fundamentals

For example - plotting Quarterly Cash on the Balance-sheet against Operating Cashflow.

Gold Miners - HERE
Silver Miners - HERE

The duplicated Canadian and US (especially pinksheet) listings get a little tiresome but still there is a fuller selection of companies than many popular screeners.
You can easily change to look at other metrics and review and sort the data below.

There is also a page - HERE - which allows charting of fundamentals, which can help to explain a few things. You may need a free account login to do this.

ANV Market Cap Chart
ANV Market Cap data by YCharts

DGC Market Cap Chart

EGO Market Cap Chart
EGO Market Cap data by YCharts

PAAS Market Cap Chart
PAAS Market Cap data by YCharts

AGI Market Cap Chart

ABX Market Cap Chart

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