Friday, 13 December 2013

Gold Fund Top Holdings

Some live links to Top Gold and Mining Mutual Fund Holdings - See Side Bar at Bottom Left of this blog for more links

Names Link to the fund, a number have full holdings for download
The Morning Star Links provide a nice graphic of holdings' size and performance.

A 2012 Analysis of Various funds HERE
A Zacks Top 5 HERE
GoldsheetLinks to Funds - HERE

Tocquville Gold Fund - TGLDX - John Hathaway / Doug Groh
Morning Star

Oppenheimer Gold Fund - OPGSX +
"+ view more issuers"
Morning Star - Fund A

First Eagle Gold Fund - SGGDX
Morning Star

VAN ECK Gold Fund INIVX - Joe Foster
View All Holdings Link to PDF
Morning Star

Rydex - Guggenheim Precious Metals - RYPMX
Morning Star

Vanguard Precious Metals & Mining Fund VGPMX
Morning Star

Fidelity Select Gold Fund

(Prospectus - Monthly Holdings)
Morning Star

Franklin Gold & Precious Metal Fund
Detailed Holdings Select PDF
Morning Star

Detailed Holdings - See Quarterly Portfolio for more, and Financial Statements for full 

Sun Valley Gold LLC - Hedge Fund - Peter Franklin
Website is password protected?
See Also SEDI Insider Canadian Positions (company name Sun Valley)

Gabelli Gold Fund - GOLDX - Caesar Bryan
Morning Star

US Global Investors Gold Fund (USERX) - Frank Holmes
Morning Star

American Century Global Gold - BGEIX
Morning Star

Wells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals Fund - EKWAX
Morning Star

Dynamic Precious Metals Fund - Robert Cohen

Sept-13 detail

Blackrock Gold & General Fund (UK)

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