Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sprott & Asian Private Equity Resource Investments $1.25bn

Sprott announced co-management of a $750m Korean resources fund on 20th Dec-13.

This follows the deal with Chinese state owned Zijin mining to establish a $500m fund and the joint venture with CITIC Private Equity of Hong Kong to establish an offshore resource fund.

A recent Wall Street Journal article took a gleeful look at Sprott's demise as hedge fund assets under management have fallen from $3bn in 2008 to $350m after 3 years of value falls and redemptions as the company relegates him to "Chief Cheerleader duties".
"Nobody here likes me to use that word 'turnaround' but let's face it: That's what we're doing," Mr. Grosskopf said.The company declined to make Mr. Sprott, 69 years old, available for comment. The firm's focus will remain precious metals, but it aims to better manage its risk, Mr. Grosskopf said.
However assets under management remain at $7bn vs $10bn last fall and Sprott's personal stake in the company is valued at $100m.
Meanwhile Sprott remains publicly contrarian, with a conviction that he will see miners move 10-20x in a renewed precious metals bull move.
Given the apparent interest in physical gold by Chinese investors can this translate to mining stocks?
Rick Rule at Sprott seems to think so citing both the Asian Private equity funds above and other institutional investors, aswell as net inflows into Sprott's mutual funds for the first time in 3 years looking to focus on the best juniors.

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