Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Citi Bullish on Miners for first time in 3 years

Citi bullish on the Miners
“We would rather be too early than too late in making this call.”

“Investor sentiment has hit rock bottom. The mining sector has moved through five stages of grief, namely Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and now we think we are in Acceptance that the sector has moved into a new norm,”..................  weakening commodity currencies — the currencies of major exporters like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa — are boosting miners, he said. On top of all this, miners are cutting costs, improving balance sheets and aligning with shareholders’ interests. Because of this, earnings momentum has become positive..............But Citi’s advice to stay underweight on gold and base-metal stocks diverged from the opinions of other big investors. DoubleLine Capital founder Jeffrey Gundlach said earlier this week that not only is gold looking good technically — calling for $1,350 an ounce on gold “sooner rather than later” –  but he likes those miners as well. Most major gold companies lost at least half their value last year on the gold price plunge.“Sentiment is as black as night on gold, so I’m actually long on some gold miners,” said Gundlach.

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