Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Golden Dilemma & Goldenfreude - Rick Rule talks big money circling resources and miners

A long paper by Erb & Harvey with many charts exploring gold price drivers (HT King One Eye Blog)

Are we due the final scare? Larry Edelson sees 2 potential moves, final thrust down now or inversion delays until May.

At what point do we see (HT Mercenary Trader)
"The most exciting returns are to be had from an asset class where those who know it best, love it least, because they have been hurt the most."- Don Coxe
More ......
10 Reasons the Goldbugs Lost their shirts by Barry Ritholtz on Goldenfreude
1. Beware the Narrative
2. Take Note of New Investment Products
3. Ignore History at Your Own Peril (or, Everything Eventually Becomes a Trade)
4. Leverage is Always Dangerous
5. Maintain Situational Awareness
6. The Danger of One-Way Trades
7. What’s In the Price Already?
8. What Are the 'Fundamentals' of Gold, Anyway
9. End-of-World Tales, Conspiracy Theories and Other Such Nonsense
10. Attacking the Skeptics
A Response by Felix Salmon

10 Biggest Myths in Economics - Cullen Roche of Pragcap interesting on money and money printing.

Gary Tanashian - Risk Management to Opportunity

Gene Arensberg at Got Gold - Generational Lows in for Mining Shares - Interesting charts

Rambus - Gold chartist  bearish for some time suggesting possible bullish turn or bounce

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Trendsman - Interesting comparative charts of previous gold bear market lows

Jim Rogers - Bullish Gold but not yet - Indian restrictions a problem

Rick Rule - Recently more strident than usual on KWN
in the first segment of this discussion we talked about the fact that big, big money had been circling the resource industry, and that big, big money was (now) coming to settle.  I happen to know right now that very, very, very big money is (now) circling the precious metals themselves -- the physical sector

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