Saturday, 25 January 2014

More from Vancouver Resource Show 2014 - Kaiser, Roulston, Giustra, Rule, Holmes, Cook

Several more sections - below.
Al Korelin interviews HERE

John Kaiser: We are in the "clean up" cycle, buyers are moving in for the quality deposits, this will cash up shareholders and start a new discovery cycle.

Lawrence Roulston: Bifurcation - split in the junior sector, bargains and worthless. In 2008/9 everything bounced in tandem, now many appear cheap but have nothing left, holding a lottery ticket the day after the draw, fundamental value zero, drags down the market. Better quality companies with good management and assets on steady uptrend. Smart money comes back into the market at the beginning of the recovery to the better companies. Looks first at management. Looks at projects which make sense at today's prices and lower. Looking for companies which will gain as the project advances at current metal prices. Money is coming into the sector. $1.4 bn for Sprott to allocate. Start with high quality companies which work at current prices.

See the chart Frank Holmes refers to of the relationship between Gold and China & India's GDP/head

Rule - Ross Beaty coming back, Frank Giustra coming back.
Giustra - sector over-hated. Buy early - the fox. Find great asset value and growth potential.
Holmes - attractive canadian miners with permitting.
Most valuable investing lessons. 
Rule - getting back to broke, hubris and cyclicality learnt in 80s after fortune in 70s
Giustra. The ability to sell too soon, a lot of people hope to hold for the top, leave some for the ducks recognise when the ducks are quacking and feed them.
Murray John. Average up. Know companies well and invest more before the blow off.

Brent Cook's Presentation 

James Kwantes reports on the Show

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