Thursday, 30 January 2014

Rob McEwen Interview at Mineweb

Interview HERE
 I like grade. The higher the grade the more attractive the project is to me. I like projects that don't need enormous capital. I look for projects where management hasn't sold royaties or has an inclination to sell them because they're taking away, in my mind, the profit of the industry. 
 I'd say we're either at or extremely close to the bottom and as an investor I'm not prepared to wait to see if the bottom's there because it's very hard to pick it. Because, as we talked about the performance last August, if you you're not taking advantage of it right now, you're going to miss a big part of the move. And when you look at the distance these stocks have to travel to get to their old highs, there's some wonderful numbers in terms of performance that I think we're going to see. 

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