Sunday, 9 September 2012

Brent Cook Interview with Ellis Martin September 2012

Interview September 2012.

Discusses the scarcity of quality projects for the Major Gold Miners, and the likelihood they will go out to buy them.

Cook "Wants to buy stocks to sell to someone smarter than me", the majors.
This is a positive twist on the "Greater Fool" theory of speculation in the gold juniors where many can become cynical about the "game".

Reservoir Minerals bought in July
Goldquest bought in May

Opinions of what he doesn't like, e.g. Barkerville Gold.

Up & Comers - Dominican Republic visit, Hennigh bought stock in GQC.

Almaden - Mexico stock slowly defining a resource

Belo Sun, 5m oz high grade in Brazil

Glass Earth, down the most.

Maximum of 20 stocks, tough to follow more.

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