Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nolan Watson Interview - $300m to invest in Juniors

Nolan Watson was the very young CFO at Silver Wheaton and then went off to set up Sandstorm, another streaming company which raises equity to finance mining projects in return for a future metal stream at fixed prices. Sandstorm stock has done very well and is now US listed $1bn company.

Another good interview from Tommy Humphreys at CEO.CA

And a shorter one from the Denver Gold Show

Watson expects to spend $300m.
(Update 19th Sept invests $60m in streaming agreement with Colossus (CSI.TO)
As posted here before the royalty companies have cash when others don't or are afraid to invest or lend to miners.
Makes the point that he gets most interest from companies with high management stakes where they want to avoid dilution - good for company shareholders. (not so true of Brigus and Metanor who have diluted !)
For leads to emerging production miners with funding from Sandstorm see list here and follow the news on new investments.

Watson indicates his own investments follow good people to good projects. He is currently focussed on near production and cash flowing companies.

Watson is a director and insider at Bear Creek Mining with Catherine McLeod Selzer and at Blue Gold with Ex Fronteer Gold management Mark O'Dea, and Donald McInnes

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