Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Trading Gold Miners

Bill Cara and Geoff Goetz write daily at Cara Community and have called recent cycles in gold and the miners well. This is not a gold bug site, but one for serious, studied traders who recognise the precious metals bull market.

Today was a very bullish call on the miners by Geoff.

As the year long gold consolidation was taking place, I continually stated that once the decline was over, precious metals would be poised to make many traders wealthy if they saw the fundamental future of metals. Yes, the consolidation was long, about a year in fact, but that has shaken many bulls off which is bullish for metals.
Let me be as clear as I can be; when this current dollar rally is over, and it could last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, the opportunity to own gold stocks MUST be taken. When the dollar forms a swing high, you will have your opportunity to buy precious metal stocks from what may be the last of the weak hands – TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY because this is it, the beginning of the next bullish move in precious metals that will be profitable beyond your wildest dreams.
As you know, I am not prone to hyperbole here, so please take this as a very strong view on my part. Should the dollar rally to TARGET 2, there will be pain for metal holders unless we see a decoupling of the dollar, gold and stocks. Use that pain to fade the herd and get in. The coming bull market will be tough to ride so get your core in place and trade around it adding into weakness and selling into strength.

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