Saturday, 1 September 2012

"Investible" Precious Metals Mining Sector Shrinking ?

A review of the Silver mining sector by Sean Rakhimov at "Silver Strategies" is discussed by Metal Augmentor, pointing out that increases in jurisdiction risk for many precious metals miners, and consequently junior developers and explorers, is restricting the "investible" universe in the sector.

Country risks, local and environmental permitting issues, plus industrial relations risks are all a problem for the sector.

I would add that as M&A activity increases, see recent posts, the quality junior sector is further restricted.

Of course as Rick Rule often points out the Canadian exchanges freely "print" new stock in new company IPOs and capital raisings in the sector. Of these only a limited number will add to the "quality" investment universe.

Here's to finding the quality juniors in good jurisdictions.

Finding good Jurisdictions:

Seeking Good Companies and Projects

Many of the pages on the blog are a starting point for some due diligence on good management M&A targets and regional exploration programmes.

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